With Bill Bliss JMT Executive Director, Founding Partner

• Jumpstart Your Coaching, Speaking and Training  Business! With Bill Bliss JMT Executive Director, Founding Partner

• Certified Leadership Coach with the John Maxwell Team!

• Pre and Post-Event Coaching Calls to Grow Your Business!

  • THE JMT SHERPA EXPERIENCE Provides JMT members with a unique opportunity to maximize the growth of your Coaching, Speaking, Leadership Consulting, or Personal Growth Business.
  • You can become part of a select group of entrepreneurs who are taking massive actions  by being personally coached and guided by Bill Bliss through THE JMT IMC LIVE EVENT to ensure an outstanding experience.
  • 3 weekly pre-IMC calls to guide you through the JMT Online Training Platform preparing you to experience the IMC at the highest levels of engagement.
  • A roadmap of the essential Teaching Partner and Faculty videos to learn from in order to grow your business.
  • 2 monthly check in coaching sessions post IMC LIVE EVENT to help overcome obstacles, unblock choke points and try new approaches.
  • Your First call will be a week after IMC LIVE EVENT to focus on laying out a launch plan for the next 30 days.
  • Your 2nd and 3rd Calls will assess progress of the plan and suggest adjustments to maintain momentum.
  • Your investment $2,000.00 ensures your membership in THE JMT SHERA EXPERIENCE.

Meet Bill Bliss

Bill Bliss is the founder and president of Bliss & Associates. Throughout his coaching and consulting career, Bill has helped CEOs, company presidents, vice presidents, and directors across many disciplines with leadership coaching, team building, leadership development, succession planning, and strategic planning. His work has been with Fortune 500 companies as well as family run and privately held companies across the United States.