Executive Coaching

“As an executive coach, Bill is a disciplined listener but he is not afraid to hit you between the eyes when you need it”
Scott Quilty, Corporate Vice President, B. Braun Medical, Bethlehem, PA

Our executive coaching will help you:

  • Think through issues at a deeper level
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Discover overlooked solutions
  • Gain fresh perspective
  • Recapture positive motivation

Bill is a great listener who knows how to expand thought on a topic by asking me, ‘Have you thought about…?’

Steve Schultz

former VP of Sales, Yupo Corporation

Having worked closely with Bill in the evaluation of our firm, his process and insights yielded fantastic results. Through his detailed analysis, we were able to restructure the organization to better suit the strengths of the staff thus making the company stronger.

Richard Jantz

Owner, Integrity Consulting Group

Creating Top Performing Teams will help you:

  • Hire The Best
  • Onboard to ensure success
  • Leadership Development
  • Retention of top performers
  • Create a culture of attraction to other top performers

Premier Bliss Services

  • Rapid Integration – We develop individual plans for integrating a newly hired leader to accelerate and enhance his or her productivity
  • Core Competency Development – We identify the critical skills needed by future leaders for maximum performance and develop individualized growth plans
  • Succession Planning – We help you develop a process for identifying potential successors to key leadership positions

Bill has been terrific at helping me clarify my priorities and shed unnecessary duties. I am more effective at fulfilling my primary responsibilities because of him. He’s a terrific coach!

Reid Lehman

former CEO, Miracle Hill Ministries

Additional Bliss Services

  • Executive Assessment – We conduct in-depth interviews with candidates against position specifications, administering the Caliper Profile™ as an assessment instrument
  • Team Building – We conduct half-day to two-day sessions to improve leadership team dynamics, focusing on trust, openness and accountability
  • Meeting Facilitation – We provide professional guidance for strategic planning meetings and team-building sessions
  • Organizational Development – We conduct half-day sessions on a range of topics, including interviewing and selecting employees, communication, conflict resolution, time management and much more
  • Custom Consulting Services – We help you to meet challenges unique to your organization, such change management, culture consulting, acquisitions, divestitures, and key decision making processes

Executive Coaching

“Bill coaches thru a self-analysis methodology I call ‘Appreciative Inquiry’ where his focused questioning helps you uncover your own issues. No one does that for themselves; he sort of acts as your conscience, helps you think thru your own ideas by just asking the right probing questions. He challenges you from the very first meeting. Unlike other coaches, he doesn’t try to sell himself. He stays very business-focused, without trying to be a psychologist trying to counsel you from their own experiences 10 years ago. Bill focuses on the situations you have now and how can he help you deal with them today. Basically, it’s the difference between good questions and great questions.”

Christine Sheedy– Christine Sheedy, Global Head of HR at GAIN Capital Group, Bedminster, NJ

Bliss Executive Coaching can not only intervene and prevent leadership burnout or misdirection; it can also motivate solidly-performing executives to achieve even higher levels of leadership and contribution, which is critical to a company’s long-term success.

Organizations that invest in Executive Coaching achieve an ROI of 700%.

A recent study released by PricewaterhouseCoopers

  • Prepare an executive for a key assignment
  • Find better solutions to problems faster
  • Identify and overcome stumbling blocks or derailers
  • Work more effectively with others
  • Conducting a targeted 360 assessment with leadership, staff and peers to capture your leadership and interpersonal style, as well as fully understand any issues, concerns and expectations
  • Identifying competencies, behaviors, and style you need for optimal contribution to the organization
  • Listening to you and facilitating your discovery of insights, allowing you to develop new behaviors or alter current ones
  • A proven method of improving your impact, performance and contribution
  • A plan for deepening your self-awareness, enabling you to improve your skills, behaviors, and style
  • Regular monitoring and feedback sessions to track progress

Every [leader] can benefit from strong, assertive and honest coaching.

William R. Johnson

CEO, H.J. Heinz

Rapid Integration

“As the recently hired leader of a regional construction office, I was faced with multiple challenges adapting to my new role. Bill helped me understand the organizational culture and guided the team through the transition process.

“Using work sessions and personality profiling assessment tools, Bill helped all of us learn how to work together, making the most of our strengths and weaknesses. Bill’s involvement helped significantly, and he maintained contact with me after the first year of transition to make sure all was well.”

Pat TonerPat Toner, Vice President

  • Successfully integrate into a new organization, becoming productive more quickly
  • Gain clarity on performance expectations
  • Learn and adjust to organizational culture and norms
  • Recognize your manager’s work style and preferences
  • Receive objective feedback on your integration at key milestones
  • Conducting multiple 45-60 minute telephone coaching sessions with you in your first 90 days with a trained on-boarding coach to facilitate your integration into the organization
  • Developing an integration plan with 30-60-90 day goals for accomplishing necessary transition steps
  • Providing an objective resource and sounding board to guide you through integration challenges
  • Facilitating 3 feedback sessions between you and your manager to ensure you are on the right track
  • Your own copy of Your Journey to Success, an interactive workbook designed to guide you through the critical parts of the transition process
  • Insight into your role, key objectives and performance expectations
  • A clearer understanding of the working culture of the organization
  • Maximized connection, commitment, productivity and contribution
  • A clear path to be a successful contributor in your new role

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

Albert Einstein

Top Performing Teams

“Having worked closely with Bill in the evaluation of our firm, his process and insights yielded fantastic results. Through his detailed analysis, we were able to restructure the organization to better suit the strengths of the staff thus making the company stronger.”

Richard Jantz– Richard Jantz, Owner, Integrity Consulting Group

  • Have the best talent
  • Focus on achieving outstanding results
  • Ensure healthy teamwork
  • Become a top workplace
  • Helping you identify job competencies necessary for top performance in any role
  • Train you on best practices for assessing, selecting and onboarding top talent
  • Developing leaders to optimize top talent retention
  • A proven method of selecting and leading top performers
  • A plan to develop “Level 5” leaders
  • Enjoyment from achieving outstanding results
  • A culture of attraction for outside top performers

At the end of the day, people who are high achievers—who want to continue to learn and grow and be effective—need coaching.

Steve Bennett

former CEO, Intuit

Succession Planning

“As part of an organizational development review over ten years ago, Bill and I built a Succession Planning model that we still utilize today.”

Bob Yardis– Bob Yardis, Sr. Vice President, Structure Tone, Inc., New York, NY

  • Ensure that leadership of the organization continues in the event of sudden or planned shifts in executive roles
  • Avoid the hardship associated with unexpected vacancies in key roles
  • Get leaders in place who can take the business where it needs to go over the long term
  • Developing a robust process for identifying potential successors
  • Create an external search process, if needed, to recruit candidates
  • Helping you coach new leaders to ensure a smooth transition
  • A development plan for maintaining stability and success
  • Peace of mind knowing that the most crucial asset for your company’s future success is assured

I used to believe that culture was “soft,” and had little bearing on our bottom line. What I believe today is that our culture has everything to do with our bottom line, now and into the future.

Vern Dosch

Wired Differently