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6 Toxic Phrases A Leader Should Never Speak

    Think of a person who was an exceptional performer as a technician, systems analyst, accountant, sales representative or any other individual contributor role. What many well-intentioned companies do is promote this stellar performer to become a manager or leader...

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Developing Your Team To Be Their Best

Leaders become great not because of their power or results, but because of their ability to empower others. To create anything lasting, to develop a team or organization that can grow and improve, to build anything for the future, a leader’s main responsibility is to...

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Attitude Is The Extra Edge In Leadership

Who do you admire the most? When that person comes to mind, think of five qualities about that person and I’ll bet one of those characteristics is their positive attitude. We have a choice we can make every day about the attitude we will adopt and demonstrate. Will we...

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Top Three Leadership Obstacles

As a leader, you get paid to overcome the daily obstacles your team faces and to drive the overall results which your organization expects. No argument there. But what about the obstacles you face as a leader? What are the common stumbling blocks leaders encounter and...

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Stop Assuming Your Team Understands Expectations

I was recently speaking with a client, Tim, who runs a $200 million division of a larger company. The topic of our conversation revolved around one of his direct reports, Neal, who was not delivering up to Tim’s expectations. Tim has been dealing with this issue for...

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Succession Planning

Goal Setting

Goal Setting and Goal Achievement

Much has been written about goal setting. Yet, many people comment that they are not satisfied with their performance in achieving those goals. This article is intended to address not only the effective setting of goals, but also to identify 8 steps to ensure that you...

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Employee Hiring & Retention

Hiring for the Long Term

Most managers and senior executives would agree that the task of hiring can be one of the responsibilities with the most impact in their organization. There are many reasons for this, including:   Many managers simply do not interview often enough to become expert at...

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The Value of Delegating

For the small business owner, deciding what, when and how to delegate, along with to whom to delegate to, are sometimes very difficult decisions to make. After all, it has taken your blood, sweat and sometimes tears to build the business. If you really want to let the...

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We Can’t All Be Iron Man

"Mark Zuckerberg. Steve Jobs. Elon Musk. Tony Stark. Only one of those four is fictional, but all share in a popular mythology that the most successful CEOs are independent visionaries who create value through sheer inspiration and force of will. But it obscures a...

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Deciding How Much to Pay Employees

Given the tight labor market of today, many companies struggle with the issue of how much to pay employees. You certainly want to pay someone based on the value they provide the company, but how do you decide exactly what that amount should be? You would probably...

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