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The Real Role Of A Leader

For most of us, the role of a leader is about ensuring those on our team understand and drive toward a common vision. It’s about getting results through others. Yet, I was reminded recently, the real role of a leader goes beyond this. Those of you who know me, know I...

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The Compounding Power of Teamwork

You may have heard the expression “Teamwork makes the dream work.” A fully capable, high- performing, connected and healthy team can make a measurable difference in the results you achieve as a leader. Oftentimes, one is too small a number to achieve greatness or to...

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4 Areas of Focus for Jeff Bezos

As the architect and CEO of Amazon, one of the largest and fastest-growing corporations in the world, a case can be made that Jeff Bezos knows a thing or two about where to focus his attention. Recently, I read an article which discussed seven noteworthy components....

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Emergency Preparations

As you read this, the impact of hurricane Florence on the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic sections of the US will likely be known. Many people and businesses are making preparations for handling this storm. A mandatory evacuation order has been issued for locations on the...

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Succession Planning

Goal Setting

Goal Setting and Goal Achievement

Much has been written about goal setting. Yet, many people comment that they are not satisfied with their performance in achieving those goals. This article is intended to address not only the effective setting of goals, but also to identify 8 steps to ensure that you...

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Employee Hiring & Retention

Hiring for the Long Term

Most managers and senior executives would agree that the task of hiring can be one of the responsibilities with the most impact in their organization. There are many reasons for this, including:   Many managers simply do not interview often enough to become expert at...

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The Value of Delegating

For the small business owner, deciding what, when and how to delegate, along with to whom to delegate to, are sometimes very difficult decisions to make. After all, it has taken your blood, sweat and sometimes tears to build the business. If you really want to let the...

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We Can’t All Be Iron Man

"Mark Zuckerberg. Steve Jobs. Elon Musk. Tony Stark. Only one of those four is fictional, but all share in a popular mythology that the most successful CEOs are independent visionaries who create value through sheer inspiration and force of will. But it obscures a...

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Deciding How Much to Pay Employees

Given the tight labor market of today, many companies struggle with the issue of how much to pay employees. You certainly want to pay someone based on the value they provide the company, but how do you decide exactly what that amount should be? You would probably...

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