As you read this, the impact of hurricane Florence on the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic sections of the US will likely be known. Many people and businesses are making preparations for handling this storm.

A mandatory evacuation order has been issued for locations on the coastline. The major highway heading into this part of the state has been closed since noon on Tuesday – nearly three days before the storm is scheduled to hit.

 No one can get in, even suppliers to grocery stores or manufacturing plants. This closure was announced days ahead of time and was planned.

In speaking with some friends and clients in this part of the state, some have left, and some are determined to stay and ride out the storm. Which decision is the wisest? I don’t know.

Some people don’t believe the severity of the predictions. I can’t question their thinking because the number of predictions currently being released are many and varied.

Others can’t leave because they work in emergency response positions such as nurses. Still others work in the “service” industry and their organizations will be open immediately after the storm subsides. If they don’t arrive to work, they risk being fired.

Facing this uncertain situation, my observation is there are many things outside of our control, yet there are many things within our control if we think differently. For example, we can control where we choose to live and the career we choose to build. We have all had freedom to make these decisions.

Some may disagree with this last statement and it is their prerogative to do so. I believe if we don’t like the cards we were dealt, we can either have a “poor me, this is my lot in life” attitude or intentionally chose to do whatever is necessary to get a new hand of cards dealt to them.

We also have the ability to plan for how we will live our lives. Sadly, my observation is many people allow others to plan on their behalf.

Every choice we make has consequences – some favorable and some potentially unfavorable. I believe those who take accountability for the choices they make will not blame any unfavorable consequences on circumstances or their environment or their genetics.

Because we cannot be in control of all the things which impact us, preparing for the unforeseen is a good practice. This is why people have insurance policies of various types including health, life, property, etc.

 This is why people prepare a will – so the disposition of their assets go the direction they choose rather than allowing the government or a judge to make these decisions.

Smart businesses have a disaster recovery plan. They have a call list to ensure all employees are safely accounted for. They have data storage plans, and procedures to move locations in the event a major operational facility is not available due to flooding, destruction or power outages.

Smart businesses have a leadership succession plan in the event a critical leadership role becomes vacant.

Do you have a disaster recovery plan for your home, life, relationships, savings account, retirement accounts, etc.? For those of us in the impacted regions of the country, after the hurricane has come and gone, the creation of your personal disaster recovery plan may be your next step. 

Developing such a plan is well within your control. You have a choice to make.  I encourage you to choose wisely, and if I can act as your thinking partner in any aspect of your planning, I’d be honored to help.

Best regards,