The quality of your thinking is directly responsible for the level of results you achieve. If your thinking is of the tried and true type, your results will be ordinary at best.

I am not making a judgment here, just stating a fact that many leaders are just not aware of considering their everyday life of busyness, making valiant, yet unproductive attempts at being the leader they believe they can be. Doing the same thing consistently because it is in your comfort zone will just not allow you to achieve extraordinary results.

Which is precisely the point of this message – if you want to change your results as a leader…if you want to have greater impact…if you want to have increased results…if you want to achieve extraordinary things, you have to bring a different level of thinking to your being each and every day. You simply won’t get different, better or greater results any other way.

The next question is, “What influences your thinking?”  You see, the leader who does virtually the same thing over and over again to get the same result is actually following the habits they have created over the years. And, these habits are so engrained in our thinking, we do them WITHOUT thinking – that’s why they are habits. Many habits serve us well, yet some habits don’t serve us well at all. We can only tell the difference when we become more aware of what influences our thinking.

Highly successful leaders are very aware of their thoughts and the implications of them. They have learned to not only be vigilant with their thoughts, but to consciously choose them and consciously choose what influences them. They are always very sensitive to the information they allow to flow into their minds.

You see, the majority of mediocre leaders operate their day on auto pilot – they go to the same meetings, fill out the same reports, inch their goals along to stay at or slightly above their expected performance goals – all while putting in more hours then they’d really like to. It’s almost like they’ve lost any ability to question the validity of their actions in terms of the implications on their results.

Did you know that the mind cannot create consistently positive outputs when it consistently receives negative inputs? What is the input you are allowing your mind to be exposed to…is it the negative news stream on the news stations…is it the negative person in your office who regularly complains about most things, including how bright the sunshine is today? Whatever the source, if it is negative and you allow that negativity into your mind, you can’t possibly have positive outputs.

If you want to change the fruits, you have to change the roots. You can’t improve a meal without changing the recipe. You can’t change your outcomes without changing your thinking. Your leadership will only be as good as the thinking you give it and are willing to have your thinking challenged. Your results will only be as good as the quality of thinking you utilize to create those results.

The most successful leaders look within to be the cause of their results. They don’t look to the government, the economy, the marketplace, their boss, their staff, their competitors to blame for their inability to get the results they are looking for…no, the successful leaders look within themselves to connect their actions to their results. They have incredible self-awareness and use what they have learned to achieve better outcomes.

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