If I could show you how to become an extraordinarily successful leader, would you be interested in knowing more about it?  Of course, your answer is yes.

The first strategy discussed in my newly released book Success In The C-Suite talks about setting a vision.  I hope you have been spending some dedicated and intentional time reading the e-Book you recently obtained. Before you can realistically set a vision for your organization, you must set a vision for yourself.

Take some time to think into the following questions and write your answers down. I promise it will be time well spent

1.) If you and I were speaking exactly 12 months from today and I asked you what your top 5 leadership accomplishments were in these past 12 months, what specifically would you want to say to me at that point?

2.) What are three obstacles currently holding you back from achieving those accomplishments now? Is it my thinking? Is it a lack of discipline or poor decision making on how I actually spend my time?

3.) What can you do to proactively address those obstacles?  What will you do in the next 30 days to address these obstacles?

Please don’t do what 95% of other leaders do and gloss over those questions – if you can’t take time now, mark a specific time in your calendar within the next 48 hours to REALLY think into these questions.  Trust me, you’ll be glad you did simply because you will learn something you didn’t know before.

With limited awareness of what is holding us back, our tendency is to keep doing what we have always done. Activity doesn’t equal progress, results or accomplishment.  Intentional thinking into the cause of the results you want opens up the mind to think from new perspectives. It is these new perspectives that allow us to gain greater clarity on what our very next step must be to accomplish what we have in mind.

Going back to the questions above, what did you learn about yourself? Are there habits or limiting beliefs you need to alter or change altogether? Good! Don’t be afraid of this new awareness – embrace it and commit to do something with this new awareness.

Questions are one of the most powerful ways to exercise your mind and creative juices. The depth of the questions you are willing to ask yourself is in direct correlation to the growth you will experience as a person and a leader.

Having someone you trust who can ask you great questions is a great way to stimulate your thinking, which is the first step in changing your outcomes. Think of who that person might be. As you think into it, be aware of the negative influences in your inner circle. Ensure that person is a positive influence on you.

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Photo by: Corey Templeton