Boundaries Leaders Must Utilize to Drive Consistent Performance – LESSON SEVEN


Boundaries are the elements leaders must install including having a good plan, the right people and empowering them to find the right things to do…at the right time and in the most efficient way. When we know how the people we work with are actually wired and how they behave, we can then speak to them in language they understand. When they understand, they will more likely perform to or beyond expectations.

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Have you ever wondered why you may not be getting the results you expect given the combined talent in your group? We get what we tolerate. This lesson is based on the book by Dr. Henry Cloud, a psychologist and leadership coach. He really understands how the brain and personalities work and has been applying this understanding in a leadership context. The boundaries we create as leaders act as guard rails of the belief systems that distinguish the culture, making sure it is productive and positive.

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