Developing Others – LESSON EIGHT


One of the most important elements of the leader’s role is to develop those on their team to be able to perform their best, to grow and to be capable of performing more challenging work. If those on your team are not developing, if they are not growing, they are dying. If they are dying, the morale, results and health of the team can’t possibly drive strong performance. This lesson provides insights on the importance of developing others not only for production but for retaining critical knowledge within the organization.

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Much of this lesson is taken from John Maxwell’s bestselling book, The 5 Levels Of Leadership and the behaviors you as the leader can master if you want to develop others. Having talented people on your team who are being developed to their potential provides the best opportunity to have consistently high levels of performance and results that exceed expectations. This lesson provides several practical steps you can take to develop those on your team to their highest potential.

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